First Step – Control Your Sleep Apnea

Control Your Sleep Apnea

My Nightly Routine

Hi there! My name is Stephen, and yes… I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA for short. Take a look at that picture. Sexy, isn’t it? Imagine waking up to that every morning! But that’s my life, and trust me… now that I am wearing that crazy looking contraption, my life is far better off than it was before. You probably already know this, but that’s a CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine. I wear it every night. Well, almost every night. If I’m away from my house I sometimes forget to bring it with me, and I notice a huge difference in my sleep… or lack of. But more about that later.

So what’s the deal with this site?  I want to help you control your sleep apnea.

I was diagnosed with OSA several years ago. One of the things that I found when I was searching for information is how overly technical and difficult is was to understand. Sleep apnea is a real thing. It affects everyday people like you and me. I wasn’t interested in reading about sleep studies or looking at pictures of how soft palate tissue collapses when I sleep, causing my airway to become blocked, which in turn causes an increase in CO2 levels in my blood, until my brain wakes up and sends the signal to my body to start breathing again before I die. *deep breath* Sure that stuff is important… but I’m a person. Finding information that spoke to me as a person seemed impossible. So that’s what I’m here to do. I’m putting a face on OSA sufferers. It’s not a pretty a face.. but it’s a face! 😉

My intention is to create a resource for people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea who are seeking information with a human element. There’s tons of great information out there that explains OSA, its symptoms and ways of controlling it. And then there’s me. I’m not a doctor, so please consult with your family physician before making any decisions regarding your health. That’s just good advice no matter what the topic. But after many years of poor sleep, more than one failed attempt with CPAP therapy, and now finally getting a full night’s rest… I think I’m qualified to talk to you about sleep apnea.

Thanks for reading this, and please use the contact form if you have any questions or comments!  Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for the Sleepy Time newsletter.  I’m working hard to make sure the message of great sleep gets out there!

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