Hi there! My name is Stephen, and yes… I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA for short. Take a look at that picture. Sexy, isn’t it? Imagine waking up to that every morning! But that’s my life, and trust me… now that I am wearing that crazy looking contraption, my life is far better off [...]

Celebrities. They’re beautiful! They’re rich! They’re famous! They have it all. We want to be just like them, right? Well that’s probably not entirely true. And if you’re thinking that celebrities are somehow immune to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), guess what? You’re wrong! Here is a list of some very famous people who are reported [...]

For many years, people who have suffered from sleep apnea have had to do so in silence. Seen as a debilitating condition, but not an actual disability, meant that those with OSA or CPA were often unable to qualify for the disability assistance they required. But what about now? Is sleep apnea a disability? Yes! Today [...]

Women with Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) occurs when throat muscles collapse during sleep, inhibiting airflow, and can be a very serious, potentially fatal, condition. Thanks to considerable scientific research, the symptoms and effects of OSA are much better understood and treatment methods, such as CPAP, have been developed. However, there is one glaring deficiency in most of [...]

CPAP Compliance

Because sleep apnea affects the lives of so many everyday people like you and me, I’ve asked some other everyday people to share their stories here on  I want to thank my guest posters for allowing us all to learn from their experiences. If you would like to share your OSA story, please click [...]

How to find a sleep specialist

Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious medical condition requiring a long term strategy.  While your initial discussion is probably going to be with your family doctor, they will more than likely refer you to a sleep specialist for testing, diagnosis and treatment.  Because this is a long term commitment, it is important to build a positive [...]

Best CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers

Using a CPAP machine to help sleep properly at night is no small matter. Regardless of which mask you prefer, you still have to strap it to your face so it doesn’t fall off in your sleep.  If it starts to slide off even a little bit you will wake up to a loud hissing [...]

CPAP pillows

If Stephen Marsh has his way, 2016 might be the last year you have to rely on a big ole clunky CPAP unit to control your Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  That’s because 2017 is the year Marsh, and his Massachusetts-based startup Airing LLC, expect to receive FDA approval and begin shipping the world’s first hoseless, maskless micro-CPAP. [...]

Sussex Sleep Clinic

It’s time for a long-overdue shout-out to someone directly responsible for this site, and more importantly my day-to-day well-being.  Yes, I’m talking about Angie Cummings. Not only is Angie one of the nicest people you are likely to meet, she’s also a Respiratory Technician and founder of Sussex Sleep Clinic in Sussex, NB. It’s from her [...]

CPAP machine

When reading about sleep apnea, scientifically referred to as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), CPAP therapy is often mentioned somewhere on the page. Although acronyms are splendid in shortening lengthy names, they often leave much to the imagination as to what they stand for. So, what is CPAP, and how is it relevant to sleep apnea? [...]